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- 2 Quest Points.
- 450GP.
- Cut Emerald, Gold Ring.

Start PointStart Point

Port Sarim Bar.

Available to Free Players

Difficulty Rating: 125
Length Rating: 1/5


Item: 60GP+, White Apron, Spade, Karamja Rum, 10 Bananas.


Skill: 37 Magic.
Item: Falador and Varrock Teleport Runes.

Redbeard Frank knows where secret pirate treasure is hidden, it may require some work to persuade him to let you know where though.

Part 1:
An Incoherent Exchange

Step 1
Talk to Redbeard Frank.
Pay 30 coins to go to N. Karamja.
Work for Luthas.

Deposit all armour/heavy items in bank before you start the quest so you can run longer distances. Talk to Redbeard Frank near the Port Sarim bar. Tell him you are in search of treasure. He will tell you that he wants Karamjan Rum.

A few steps South-West of Redbeard Frank there is a ship that goes to N. Karamja. Ask either Captain Tobias, Seaman Thresnor, or Seaman Lorris if you can take a trip to N. Karamja. This will cost you 30 gold.

Get out of the ship, talk to Luthas who can be found in his house just west of the dock(Picture), and ask him for employment on his plantation. He will ask you to collect 10 bananas and put them in a crate.

Now pick 10 bananas from the trees a few steps west (Picture). Buy some Karamja Rum (Picture) from the pub. Use the Rum with the banana crate, then put 10 of your freshly picked bananas into the crate. Speak to Luthas, who will pay you 30gp for the shipment, speak to the custom's officer, and pay 30gp to leave Karamja. Make sure you do not teleport out, as the rum will disappear every time you do.

Step 2
Get a white apron.
Obtain the rum.
Dig up the treasure.

Now you will need a white apron (Picture). These are available in Varrock or by taking it off the hook in the fishing shop in Port Sarim. Now go to the food market at Port Sarim. Try to open the door to the back of the store and Wydin will say you need to be an employee to enter. Ask him if you can have a job there. Now put on your apron and go into the small room. Search the crate next to the white apron. You should find your bottle of rum. Make sure to have Varrock teleports rune handy at this point, for faster movement.

Go back to Redbeard Frank and talk to him. He will automatically take the rum from you. Frank will give you a "chest key". It is the key to a treasure chest in the Blue Moon Inn (one of the bars in Varrock). Once you arrive to the Blue Moon Inn, go up the stairs. Look for a small room with a chest. Use the key with the chest. You will receive a pirate message. When you read the pirate message it will tell you "Visit the city of the White Knights, in the park Saradomin points to the X which marks the spot". Easy enough... Of course the note is talking about Falador in the park.

To reach Falador go west of Varrock past the Barbarian Village. Once you get to Falador look for a small house with a spade inside it (close to the park). Enter the park and you will see a statue of Saradomin pointing west. Use your spade and dig at what looks more like a plus sign than an X. A Gardener will tell you to leave the flowers alone and attack you. You can kill the gardner if you like. Alternatively you can run away. Dig in the same spot again to finish the quest and get the "Pirate's Treasure" (Picture).

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Does Wyson the Gardener attack you anymore if you dig up his flowers?

A: No.

Q: What else can the White Apron do?

A: Nothing. It is only used for this quest.

Author: SSJMajinboo

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