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OSRS RuneScape Monster Database
» OSRS RuneScape Monsters and NPC Database

This massive database contains tonnes of information and tips on Runescape's monsters and other NPCs (Non Playing Characters).

» Combat levels, HP and max hits
» Which quest a monster was created for
» Top drop and other drop lists
» Tactics and recommendations for training
» A javascript tool to calculate your approx. XP per hour
» ... and loads more!

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Abyssal guardian Yes5950Abyss, north of Edgeville; Fairy ring (ALR)
Animated Black Armour Yes6960Warriors Guild, Burthrope
Ankou No7560Stronghold of Security fourth level, Barbarian Village
Apmeken Yes751Sophanem pyramid
Arzinian Avatar of Magic Yes7555Between the rock, Keldagrim
Arzinian Avatar of Ranging Yes7555Between the rock, Keldagrim
Arzinian Avatar of Strength Yes7555Between the rock, Keldagrim
Baby red dragon Yes6568Brimhaven dungeon, southwest of Brimhaven
Bandit Yes5630North-east of Pollnivneach
Bandit Yes5750Bandit camp, south of Al Kharid.
Bandit Yes7465Bandit camp, Al Kharid
Bandit champion Yes7050North-east of Pollnivneach
Basilisk Yes6175Slayer Dungeon, east of Rellekka
Battle mage (G) Yes54127Mage arena, level 54 Wilderness.
Battle mage (S) Yes54127Mage arena, level 54 Wilderness.
Battle mage (Z) Yes54127Mage arena, level 54 Wilderness.
Bedabin nomad fighter Yes5650Bedabin Nomad camp
Berry Yes7190Troll Stronghold prison, Trollheim
Big wolf Yes7374White wolf mountain; East of axe hut in Wildnerness.
Black golem Yes7580Cave of the River Eild
Black guard berserker Yes6651West Keldagrim, near the barracks
Bloodveld Yes76120Slayer Tower, north of Canifis
Bloodworm Yes5245Barrows tunnels.
Brine rat Yes7050Brine rat cave
Broodoo victim (blue) Yes60100Tai Bwo Wanai, when hacking jungle

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