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Zybez RuneScape Help's Map to the Giant Mole Den
Table of Contents

1.0 - Introduction

Do not fear the Giant Mole: at level 230, it may seem to be a fearsome enemy, but with the proper equipment, attitude, and the knowledge from this guide, anyone can lay it to rest.

The Giant Mole can be found by using a spade on the mole holes in Falador Garden. The mole lair is very dark, so you will need to bring a light source. A bullseye lantern should be your first choice, as you save an inventory space. A candle and a tinderbox works too, as the warning when entering the cave will tell you.

Giant Mole hunting should just be considered a side-hobby. You can't get rich off it, it's not great combat experience, and it can be plain frustrating at times. You probably shouldn't do it for many hours. It is just something to do that is different from your normal training routine, and provides a challenge in terms of killing it with efficiency. Some days you will get 20 nests and not get a single tree seed! Some days, you will get some decent seeds. Rarely will you get anything incredibly worthwhile, however.

2.0 - Requirements & Equipment

To take on the mole, we recommend the below stats. The Mole has an extremely high defence against Magic and Range, so this guide will be going over the Melee only.

  • 70 Attack & Strength/Range
  • 45 Defence (Or 70+ with good armour if not praying)
  • 43 Prayer (Highly recommended)
  • 50 Agility (Useful for running around in the caves)

Patience is the most important thing for beating the Giant Mole. Sometimes it can take 10 minutes to find it after it has burrowed into the ground, which is why the dragon dagger p++ will help a lot.

Melee inventoryRange Inventory
Zybez RuneScape Help's Suggested Melee Inventory ImageZybez RuneScape Help's Suggested Range Inventory Image


The primary goal is to have the lightest inventory possible (Under 1kg). You need to do a lot of running, so a light inventory, some energy potions, and an agility level of 50+ is recommended. This is a suggested inventory, and you can change items to whatever you prefer. It may also be a good idea to bring teleport runes if you're a lower level, but higher level players should be alright simply operating their jewelery right from their stats menu.

3.0 - Profile & Tactic
Giant Mole
Picture of Giant Mole
Nature:Not Aggressive
Attack Style:Melee

Where Found:Mole Lair, Falador park
Drops:Big bones (100%), Mole skin, Mole Claws, Mithril battleaxe, Mithril bar, Amulet of strength, Oyster pearls, Death runes (7), Air runes (105), Rune medium helm, Sharks (4), Adamant longsword, uncut Gems, Iron arrow (690), noted Iron ore (50-100), Blood runes (15), Fire runes (105), Law runes (15), Mithril platebody noted Yew logs (100), Rune battleaxe, Rune 2-H sword, Left half shield, Dragonstone, Dragon med helm, Half of a key
Tactic:When you enter the Giant Moles' caves, you should drink your stat enhancement potions as it spawns. When the Giant Mole is at half of its HP, it will "dig" back into the ground, and spawn somewhere randomly in the caves. There are several spawn spots which can make it a challenge to find him. When it starts digging, turn your prayer off and walk around the dungeon trying to see as much of it as possible on the mini map. Take a dragon dagger p++, if you are using melee, and use it first to poison the mole so it still loses hit points while it runs away from you. Once it's poisoned (use the special attack to poison it), change to a whip or dragon weapon, or crystal/magic short bow for rangers. If it remains poisoned, let it do the dirty work towards the end of the battle.
For those who cannot afford the high value weapons, they can bring and even number of air and mind runes, and an earth staff. Trap the mole around a corner, so you can hit it but it cannot hit you,
Notes:The mole tends to respawn in the middle of the large center area of the dungeon.
The skins and claws can be turned in to Wyson the Gardner for bird's nests

4.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What will happen if my lantern extinguishes?

A: You will be rapidly dealt 1hp damage by a number of bugs - this will continue until you ignite your light source again.

Q: What does the mole look like when it digs?

Zybez Runescape Help's Image of the Giant Mole Digging

Author: Cardinal84 and Toadkiller

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