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Zybez RuneScape Help's Map of Miscellania
Table of Contents

1.0 - Introduction

Once you clear the Throne Of Miscellania quest, the king hands down the Kingdom of Miscellania to you, making you it's ruler. The Kingdom is now yours and it's people your loyal subjects, as the king or queen of the island you can pay your subjects to gather resources for you such as ore, fish, wood and herbs. Once you keep your people happy and keep money in the kingdoms treasury they will gather resources for you.

Once you clear the Royal Trouble quest, the queen of Etceteria adds new resources of farming seeds and rare wood.

2.0 - The Tasks
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Players Gathering Materials

There are a number of tasks your subjects can do for you and these all involve gathering resources so you do not have to gather them yourself, the tasks include:

  • Mining: Your subjects will mine coal for you by the seaside mine
  • Fishing: Your subjects will fish tuna and swordfish for you at the port
  • Woodcutting: Your subjects will cut maple logs for you in the forest
  • Farming: Your subjects will gather herbs for you from the garden

Once you complete the Royal Trouble Quest, your subjects will also do these tasks:

  • Rare Woodcutting: Your subjects will cut teak and mahogany logs for you
  • Farming: Your subjects will gather seeds for you

3.0 - Approval Rating

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Player Weeding

Before you start to gather resources you will need your subjects to be loyal to you and to approve of you, they will work much harder for a ruler they like. You can gain their loyalty by performing tasks with them such as:

  • Weeding herbs from the garden with the gardener: Requires a rake
  • Mining with the miner: Requires a pickaxe
  • Cutting maple trees with the woodcutter: Requires a hatchet
  • Fishing with the fisher: requires a harpoon or lobster cage

Once you complete the Royal Trouble Quest, you can also perform these tasks:

  • Weeding, watering, and composting the patches with the farmer: Requires a rake, watering can, or bucket of compost. There is a farming leprechaun and bank close.
  • Cutting teak or mahogany trees with the carpenter: Requires a hatchet

Doing all these things will increase your popularity rating with your people, if you are unsure about your rating you can speak to Advisor Ghrim in the castle and ask him what your approval rating is. Your rating will go up if you do the same thing over and over, it makes no difference what you do. Once you are at a 100% popularity rating, your subjects will tell you that you have helped enough.

4.0 - Finances and Tasks

Unfortunately your subjects do not gather resources for you for free, they are rewarded for what they gather from the royal coffers (or in other words, your money!). If you have no money left in the coffers your subjects will not gather any resources for you as lets face it, they have families to support and can not work for nothing. Every day your subjects are gathering resources one tenth of the royal coffers are given to your subjects. The amount you can spend per day is a tenth of the total amount in the coffers (to a maximum of 50,000gp). Your coffers can hold 5,000,000gp!

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Coffers

Of course you do not always want the same thing, when you speak to Grim and to manage your Kingdom you can choose what resources you want to gather, and how much of them. To do this simply slide the bars up and down to choose the percentage of labor to assign to gather each resource, if the slider is the whole way down, you will not be gathering any of those resources. If it is the whole way up, 100% of your effort will be going into gathering that material. A little bonus is that you can choose whether you want your fish cooked, or uncooked.

Once you complete the Royal Trouble Quest, the amount you can spend per day is still a tenth of the total amount in the coffers, but the maximum increases to 75,000gp. Likewise, the coffers will be able to hold 7,500,000gp!. Additionally, you will have two new options of resources. These are farming seeds and rare wood. On the rare wood, you can select which type you want gathered (teak or mahogany). You still make the other selections as before. The new interface is shown below.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of the Coffers

5.0 - Coffer Costs Per Item
Category Type and Cost from Coffer Extra Notes
Ores Coal - 91.6 You get 1 gem per 150 coal
Fish Tuna - 56.3
Swordfish - 189.4
You get 1 casket per 50 fish
Wood Maple log - 56.1 You get 1 nest per 100 logs
Rare Woods: Teak - 166.1, Mahogany - 224.6, Both at the same time - 191.3
You get 1 nest per 350 rare logs
Herbs Herb - 826.4
Flax - 40
You get 1 herb seed per 100 Herbs or 600 Flax
Herbs always above Marentill

6.0 - Tips and Tricks

We offer you the follow advice and tips to successfully manage your Kingdom:

  • Your approval does go down, work with your subjects at regular intervals
  • This is a lazy way of gathering resources, do not rely on it to support you
  • Do not check for materials every hour or so, leave it for at least a day (working takes time)
Author: Razorblade

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