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Nature rune
Picture of Nature rune
Examine:Used for alchemy spells.

Sell to General Store:72gp
Buy from General Store:228gp
High Alchemy:108gp
Low Alchemy:72gp

Obtained From: Monster drops; Magic Stores; RuneCrafting; Spawn locations; Players
Notes:Nature runes require level 44 RuneCrafting to make. The nature temple is found in Karamja, just north of Shilo Village. For modern Magic, Nature runes are used in binding spells, Alchemy, Superheat item, and Bones to Bananas. Nature runes are dropped by Ice Warriors/ Giants, Elves, Iron Dragons, et al. Nature runes spawn on an island in level 43 wilderness.
Dropped By:Cave bug, Dark wizard, Dark warrior, Wizard, Dwarf, Guard, Thug, Rock crab, Zombie, Chaos druid, Zamorak crafter, Fortress guard, Skeleton, Bandit, Cave crawler ... more »
Credits: Ben_Goten78; Damon
Last Modified:Sunday February 2nd, 2014

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