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Rock crab
Picture of Rock crab
Max Hit:6
Attack Style:Melee
Examine:No one likes crabs...

Kills per min:Average Combat XP per hour:
Average HP XP per hour:

Where Found:Northeast of Fremennik; Waterbirth island and dungeon
Drops:Coins (4-64), Bait (10), Empty oyster, Oyster (1, 2), Pearl oyster, Opal bolt tips, uncut Gems, Nature talisman, Cosmic talisman, Edible seaweed (2), Seaweed, Copper ore (3), Tin ore, Iron ore, Coal ore (2), Bronze pickaxe, Iron pickaxe, Rune javelin (5), Nature runes (4), Spinach roll, Casket, Steel longsword
Top Drops:Clue scroll (level-1), Half of a key
Tactic:Rock crabs are great for members training. They have high hitpoints, but very low attack, strength, and defense. Rock crabs are also good for training range. Iron knives are effective to kill them quickly.
Notes:They initially appear as rocks.

Credits:Ben_Goten78; Nubfire
Last Modified:Sunday September 2nd, 2007

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