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This database is a collection of detailed information about every shop in RuneScape. If you every wanted to know how much an item costs at a certain shop or simply want to find out where you can buy something, this is the place to look. You can either simply browse the pages of this database using the page-numbers at the bottom or you can use the search feature below to narrow down your search.

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Name: ASC DESC Location: ASC DESC Members? ASC DESC Shopkeeper: ASC DESC
Agmundi Quality Clothes Keldagrim Yes Agmundi
Armour Store Keldagrim, Blast Furnace Yes Jorzik
Carefree Crafting Stall Keldagrim Yes Nolar
Crossbow Shop Keldagrim Yes Hirko
Green Gemstone Gems Keldagrim Yes Hervi
Gunslik's Assorted Items Keldagrim Yes Gunslik
Kebab Store Keldagrim Yes Kyut
Keldagrim Stonemason Keldagrim Yes Stonemason
Keldagrim's Best Bread Keldagrim Yes Randivor
King's Axe Inn Keldagrim Yes Barman
Laughing Miner Pub Keldagrim Yes Barmaid
Ore Seller Keldagrim, Blast Furnace Yes Ordan
Pickaxe-Is-Mine Keldagrim Yes Tati
Quality Armour Shop Keldagrim Yes Saro
Quality Weapons Shop Keldagrim Yes Santiri
Silver Cog Silver Stall Keldagrim Yes Gulldamar
Vermundi's Clothes Stall Keldagrim Yes Vermundi
Vigr's Warhammers Keldagrim Yes Vigr

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