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This database is a collection of detailed information about every shop in RuneScape. If you every wanted to know how much an item costs at a certain shop or simply want to find out where you can buy something, this is the place to look. You can either simply browse the pages of this database using the page-numbers at the bottom or you can use the search feature below to narrow down your search.

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Name: ASC DESC Location: ASC DESC Members? ASC DESC Shopkeeper: ASC DESC
Carefree Crafting Stall Keldagrim Yes Nolar
Cassie's Shield Shop Falador No Cassie
Castle Wars Ticket Exchange Castle Wars Arena Yes Lanthus
Construction Supplies Varrock Yes Sawmill operator
Crossbow Shop Dwarven Mines Yes Hura
Crossbow Shop Keldagrim Yes Hirko
Crossbow Shop Under White Wolf Mountain Yes Holoy
Crystal Equipment Isafdar Woods Yes Islwyn
Culinaromancers' Cooking Chest Lumbridge, Castle Basement Yes Crate (Buy Food)
Culinaromancers' Item Chest Lumbridge, Castle Basement Yes Crate (Buy Items)
Daga's Scimitar Smithy Marim Yes Daga
Dancing Donkey Inn Varrock Yes Bartender
Dantaera's Farming Patch Catherby Yes Dantaera
Dargaud's Bow and Arrows Ranging Guild Yes Bow and Arrow salesman
Darren's Wilderness Cape Shop Wilderness, Near Agilty Area Yes Darren
Davon's Amulet Store Brimhaven Yes Davon
Dead Man's Chest Brimhaven Yes Bartender
Diango's Toy Store Draynor Village No Diango
Dodgy Mike's Second Hand Clothing Mos Le'Harmless Yes Dodgy Mike
Dommiks Crafting Store Al Kharid No Dommik
Dorgesh-Kaan General Supplies Dorgesh-Kaan Yes Lurgon
Draynor Seed Market Draynor Village Yes Olivia
Dreven's Farming Patch Champion's Guild Yes Dreven
Drogo's Mining Emporium Dwarven Mines No Drogo Dwarf
Dwarven Shopping Store Dwarven Mines No Dwarf
Edgeville General Store Edgeville No Shopkeeper
Edmond's Wilderness Cape Shop Wilderness - slightly east of hobgoblin mine Yes Edmond
Edward's Wilderness Cape Shop Wilderness, Rogue's Castle Yes Edward
Ellena's Farming Patch Catherby, East Yes Ellena
Elstan's Farming Patch Falador, South East Yes Elstan
Etceteria Fish Etceteria Yes Fishmonger
Falador General Store Falador No Shopkeeper
Fancy Clothes Store Varrock Yes Fancy dress shop owner
Fayeth's Farming Patch Lumbridge Yes Fayeth
Fernahei's Fishing Hut Shilo Village Yes Fernahei
Fine Fashions Grand Tree, 2nd Floor Yes Rometti
Fishing Guild Shop Fishing Guild Yes Roachey
Flossi Dalksson's Store Jatizso Yes Flossi Dalksson
Flying Horse Inn Ardougne Yes Bartender
Flynn's Mace Market Falador No Flynn
Food Store Port Sarim No Wydin
Francis's Farming Patch Entrana Yes Francis
Fremennik Fish Monger Rellekka Yes Fish monger
Fremennik Fur Trader Rellekka Yes Fur trader
Frenita's Cookery Shop Yanille Yes Frenita
Frincos Fabulous Herb Store Entrana Yes Frincos
Funch's Fine Groceries Grand Tree, 2nd Floor Yes Heckel Funch
Gabooty's Tai Bwo Wannai Cooperative Tai Bwo Wannai Yes Gabooty
Gabooty's Tai Bwo Wannai Drinky Store Tai Bwo Wannai Yes Gabooty
Gaius' Two Handed Shop Taverley Yes Gauis

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