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This database is a collection of detailed information about every shop in RuneScape. If you every wanted to know how much an item costs at a certain shop or simply want to find out where you can buy something, this is the place to look. You can either simply browse the pages of this database using the page-numbers at the bottom or you can use the search feature below to narrow down your search.

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Name: ASC DESC Location: ASC DESC Members? ASC DESC Shopkeeper: ASC DESC
Zenesha's Plate Mail Body Shop Ardougne Yes Zenesha
Zeke's Superior Scimitars Al Kharid No Zeke
Karamja's Wines, Spirits, and Beers Karamja, North No Zambo
Zaff's Superior Staffs! Varrock No Zaff
Yrsa's Accoutrements Rellekka Yes Yrsa
Wyson's Woad Leaves Falador No Wyson the garderner
Food Store Port Sarim No Wydin
Burthorpe Supplies Burthorpe Yes Wistan
William's Wilderness Cape Shop Wilderness, North of Red Dragons Yes William
Wayne's Chains! - Chainmail Specialist Falador No Wayne
Vigr's Warhammers Keldagrim Yes Vigr
Vermundi's Clothes Stall Keldagrim Yes Vermundi
Vasquen's Farming Patch Lumbridge, North Yes Vasquen
Slayer Equipment Edgeville Dungeon Yes Vannaka
Vanessa's Farming Shop Catherby Yes Vanessa
Valaine's Shop of Champions Champions Guild, 2nd Floor No Valaine
Blades by Urbi Sophanem Yes Urbi
~ Uglug's stuffsies ~ Jiggig Yes Uglug Nar
TzHaar-Mej-Roh's Rune Store TzHaar Yes TzHaar-Mej-Roh
TzHaar-Hur-Tel's Equipment Store TzHaar Yes TzHaar-Hur-Tel
TzHaar-Hur-Lek's Ore and Gem Store TzHaar Yes TzHaar-Hur-Lek
Tutab's Magical Market Marim Yes Tutab
Slayer Equipment Burthorpe Yes Turael
Authentic Throwing Weapons Ranging Guild Yes Tribal Weapon Saleasman
Treznor's Farming Patch Varrock Castle Yes Treznor
The Toad and Chicken Burthorpe Yes Tostig
Torrell's Farming Patch Ardougne, South Yes Torrell
Leprechaun Larry's Farming Supplies Top of the Troll Stronghold Yes Tool Leprechaun
Ranging Guild Ticket Exchange Ranging Guild Yes Ticket Merchant
Tiadeche's Karambwan Stall Tai Bwo Wannai Yes Tiadeche
Rellekka Longhall Bar Rellekka Yes Thora the Barkeep
Thessalia Fine Clothes Varrock No Thessalia
Ye olde Tea Shoppe Varrock Yes Tea seller
Pickaxe-Is-Mine Keldagrim Yes Tati
Taria's Farming Patch Rimmington Yes Taria
Tamayu's Spear Stall Tai Bwo Wannai Yes Tamayu
Keldagrim Stonemason Keldagrim Yes Stonemason
Void Knight Archery Store Void Knights' Outpost Yes Squire
Void Knight General Store Void Knights' Outpost Yes Squire
Void Knight Magic Store Void Knights' Outpost Yes Squire
Ardougne Spice Stall Ardougne Yes Spice seller
Solihib's Food Stall Marim Yes Solihib
Smithing Smith's Shop Mos Le'Harmless Yes Smith
Weapons Galore Jatizso Yes Skuli Myrka
Skulgrimen's Battle Gear Rellekka Yes Skulgrimen
White Knight Master Armoury Falador, White Knight's Castle (3rd Floor) Yes Sir Vyvin
Initiate Rank Armory Falador Yes Sir Tiffy Cashien
Simon's Wilderness Cape Shop Wilderness, Chaos Temple No Simon
Ardougne Silver Stall Ardougne Yes Silver merchant
Sigmund The Merchant Rellekka Yes Sigmund the Merchant

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