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This database is a collection of detailed information about every shop in RuneScape. If you every wanted to know how much an item costs at a certain shop or simply want to find out where you can buy something, this is the place to look. You can either simply browse the pages of this database using the page-numbers at the bottom or you can use the search feature below to narrow down your search.

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Name: ASC DESC Location: ASC DESC Members? ASC DESC Shopkeeper: ASC DESC
Al-Kharid General Store Al Kharid No Shopkeeper
Ali's Discount Basic Rune Shop Al Kharid Yes Ali Morrisane
Ali's Discount Blackjack (a) Shop Al Kharid Yes Ali Morrisane
Ali's Discount Blackjack (d) Shop Al Kharid Yes Ali Morrisane
Ali's Discount Desert Clothing Shop Al Kharid Yes Ali Morrisane
Ali's Discount Menaphite Clothing Shop Al Kharid Yes Ali Morrisane
Ali's Discount Rune Shop Al Kharid Yes Ali Morrisane
Ali's Discount Wares Al Kharid Yes Ali Morrisane
Dommiks Crafting Store Al Kharid No Dommik
Gem Trader Al Kharid No Gem trader
Kebab Shop Al Kharid No Karim
Louies' Armoured Legs Bazaar Al Kharid No Louie Legs
Ranael's Super Skirt Store Al Kharid No Ranael
Zeke's Superior Scimitars Al Kharid No Zeke
Aemad's Adventuring Supplies Ardougne Yes Aemad/Korton
Ardougne Baker's Stall Ardougne Yes Baker
Ardougne Fur Stall Ardougne Yes Fur trader
Ardougne Gem Stall Ardougne Yes Gem merchant
Ardougne Silver Stall Ardougne Yes Silver merchant
Ardougne Spice Stall Ardougne Yes Spice seller
Flying Horse Inn Ardougne Yes Bartender
Zenesha's Plate Mail Body Shop Ardougne Yes Zenesha
Kragen's Farming Patch Ardougne, North Yes Kragen
Richard's Farming Shop Ardougne, North Yes Richard
Torrell's Farming Patch Ardougne, South Yes Torrell
Helmet Shop Barbarian Village No Peksa
Bedabin Village Bartering Bedabin Camp Yes Bedabin Nomad
Brimhaven Agility Ticket Exchange Brimhaven Yes Pirate Jakie the Fruit
Davon's Amulet Store Brimhaven Yes Davon
Dead Man's Chest Brimhaven Yes Bartender
The Shrimp and Parrot Brimhaven Yes Alfonse the waiter
Trader Stan's Trading Post Brimhaven Yes Charter Crewmember
Garth's Farming Patch Brimhaven, West Yes Garth
Aurel's Supplies Burgh de Rott Yes Aurel
Burthorpe Supplies Burthorpe Yes Wistan
Slayer Equipment Burthorpe Yes Turael
The Toad and Chicken Burthorpe Yes Tostig
Martin Thwait's Lost and Found Burthorpe, Rouge's Den Yes Martin Thwait
Barkers' Haberdashery Canifis Yes Barker
General Store Canifis Yes Fidelio
Hair of the Dog Tavern Canifis Yes Roavar
Rufus' Meat Emporium Canifis Yes Rufus
Slayer Equipment Canifis Yes Mazchna
Castle Wars Ticket Exchange Castle Wars Arena Yes Lanthus
Arhein Store Catherby Yes Arhein
Candle Shop Catherby Yes Candle maker
Dantaera's Farming Patch Catherby Yes Dantaera
Harrys Fishing Shop Catherby Yes Harry
Hicktons Archery Emporium Catherby Yes Hickton
Trader Stan's Trading Post Catherby Yes Charter Crewmember

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