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Armour Shop 
Map of Armour Shop Location:Jatizso
Shopkeeper:Raum Urda-Stein
Extra Notes:You must have started the Fremennik Isles quest to be able to access this store.

Item ASC DESC Price ASC DESC Default Stock ASC DESC
Mithril platebody 5,720gp 4
Mithril platelegs 2,860gp 4
Mithril plateskirt 2,860gp 4
Mithril kiteshield 2,431gp 4
Mithril chainbody 2,145gp 4
Mithril sq shield 1,716gp 4
Mithril full helm 1,573gp 4
Mithril med helm 858gp 4

Credits: Zug313

Prices in game may vary based on item stock. Prices in this database only exist at default item stocks.

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