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Authentic Throwing Weapons 
Map of Authentic Throwing Weapons Location:Ranging Guild
Shopkeeper:Tribal Weapon Saleasman
Extra Notes:You need 40 Ranged to access this store.

Item ASC DESC Price ASC DESC Default Stock ASC DESC
Rune thrownaxe 572gp 400
Rune javelin 520gp 400
Adamant thrownaxe 228gp 500
Adamant javelin 208gp 500
Mithril thrownaxe 91gp 600
Mithril javelin 83gp 600
Steel thrownaxe 33gp 700
Steel javelin 31gp 700
Iron thrownaxe 9gp 800
Iron javelin 7gp 800
Bronze javelin 5gp 900
Bronze thrownaxe 3gp 900

Credits: Vampire

Prices in game may vary based on item stock. Prices in this database only exist at default item stocks.

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