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- 1 Quest Point.
- 5,000 Magic XP, 33,000 Defence XP, 5,000 XP Lamp.
- Access to Knight Waves training ground.

Start PointStart Point

Sinclair Mansion gate, speak to Gossip.

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Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Length Rating: 3/5


Skill: 45 Magic, 65 Defence.
Quest: Black Knights' Fortress, Holy Grail , Merlin's Crystal, Murder Mystery, One Small Favour.
Item: 1 Law and Air Rune, 1 Granite, Black Platebody, Black Platelegs, Black Full Helm, Iron Chainbody, Bronze Medium Helm.


Item: Camelot and Ardougne Teleport Runes.

Life has been quiet at the Sinclair Mansion since you discovered the murderer... too quiet. So quiet, in fact, that the family has gone!

Suspicions are running high that the Sinclairs' recent departure is tied to the disappearance of King Arthur and his knights. But time is running short and clues are scarce, will you crack the case in time?

Part 1:
The Investigation

Step 1
Talk to Gossip, Sinclair Mansion.
Talk to Guard.
Enter mansion.

Find Gossip who is just outside of Sinclair Mansion's gates. He will tell you that the Sinclair family and King Arthur have vanished. When given the option to, select 'How curious. Maybe I should investigate it'.

Gossip tells you to find the Guard who is also investigating the disappearances. Go through the gate and find him. The guard is afraid to lose his job by investigating the crime, so it is up to you!

Head to the east side of the house and just south of the guard dog you'll see a smashed window. Right click and choose to break the window and you're in!

Step 2
Pick up Scrap of paper.
Go upstairs and take Address form.
Search bookcase for black full helmet.
Talk to guard.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Scrap Paper Head inside the largest room where in the north-east corner, there is a scrap paper. Take it and read it (Picture).

Use the stairs to get to the second floor. Within the largest center room on a table, is an Address Form (Picture). Pick it up and read it.

Next, still on the second floor, search the bookcases inside the center room until you find a black full helmet. With your three pieces of evidence, return to the guard.

Talk to the Guard, choosing all the options. With the 3 pieces of evidence, you can now present your case to the Seer Village's council. Unfortunately, the evidence cannot be reviewed for another month, but you volunteer to solve the crime. The Guard tells you to talk to the Gossip to learn about the Sinclair history.

Part 2:
Proven Innocence

Step 3
Talk to the Gossip.
Speak to Anna in jail.
Speak to Speak to Lousia, Hobbes, Donovan the Handyman, Mary, Stanford, Pierre.
Return to the court.
Go downstairs.
Call on the butler.
Call on the maid.
Call on the doghandler.

When speaking to the Gossip, choose every option. You will learn that you should visit Anna Sinclair in the Seer's Village Courthouse. Head to Seer's Village.

The Courthouse is just south-east of the Bank. Inside the cell is Anna, speak to her (Picture). After a bit of talking, she will tell you there's a secret passage that she discovered and will tell you if you you prove her to be not guilty. Accept her offer and she will give you a thread and tell you to speak to the Sinclair Servants. Head back into the Mansion. Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Anna Speak to Lousia in the large main floor room and choose every option. Next, talk to Hobbes, who's in the south-west of the building, choosing every option again. Do the same with Donovan the Handyman and Mary on the second floor. Repeat it with Stanford, who is west of the mansion and Pierre who is east. Return to the Court.

Head down the stairs and say that you're ready for court. When you make a good point, the crowd will whisper things(ignore what they whisper) and the jury will yell "ORDER ORDER." After a lot of talking by the prosecutor, call on the butler. Choose every option. Call on the maid next and choose the last option. Next, the dog handler and choose the third option. After this last testimony, the jury will find the client not guilty. Well done! Exit the gate behind you.

Part 3:
Locked Up

Step 4
Talk to Anna.
Search statue, east of Camelot Castle.
Talk to Merlin.
Use Telegrab on dumb guard.
Reach for the vent.
Use hairclip on door and solve puzzle.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Search Statue Talk to Anna again and she will tell you to go behind Camelot and pull a statue to get into the castle. The statue can be found just east of the castle. Search it and you're in the castle (Picture). A small cut-scene will occur. You've been backstabbed by Anna! You will be knocked out by Morgan Le Faye.

When you wake up, you will be within a dungeon cell, along with the knights. Find Merlin and speak to him. Choose all the options. Now use telegrab on the guard who is combing his hair. You will get a hair clip.

Before lockpicking the door, reach for the vent (Picture). You and the knights will make a human tower and Merlin will escape. Now use the hair clip on the door. You will need to solve the puzzle.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of the Lock Puzzle
Here you must find the correct height of each tumbler. It's much easier than it looks. For now, ignore the green dot telling you to find the correct tumbler and type. Go to each tumbler by clicking on the number 1-4 and change them all to different heights. Eventually one or two will turn blue. Continue changing the heights around to get them all blue.

Now that you've got the correct heights, you'll need the correct tumblers. Since you have the right heights, just switch them around. If the first tumbler is blue on height 2 and the second tumbler is blue on height 3, switch them. Keep doing that until you get all greens and your out!

Note: after 10 tries, the lock resets itself. Also, once you unlock the door you won't have to do it again, as it will remain unlocked throughout the quest.

Part 4:
Freeing the King!

Step 5
Search long table for Purple cup, top floor of Keep Le Faye.
Talk to Wizard Cromperty, East Ardougne.
Enter Black Knights' Fortress and equip black armour.
Push invisible wall and go down ladder.
Free Arthur & speak to him at Camelot.

Items needed: Black Platebody, Platelegs, Full Helm, Iron Chainbody, Bronze Med Helm.

You will appear in Keep Le Faye. Head to the top floor and search the long table. Choose the purple cup (Picture) and you will get the Holy Grail. Now to rescue King Arthur... exit the Keep and run south-west or teleport to Ardougne.

Find Wizard Cromperty (Picture) who is in the building north-east of the Ardougne Market. Speak to him and he will tell you to get Arthur's most prized possession and a piece of granite. Merlin will give you an animate rock scroll.

Once you have all the armour you need to gain access, head over to the Black Knight's fortress north of Ice Mountain.

Equip your iron chainbody and bronze medium helm and enter the fortress from the front. Now equip your full black armour and push the wall in front of you. Go down the ladder. At the end of the room is King Arthur, free him.

Return to Camelot, speak to the King and collect your rewards!

Zybez RuneScape Help's King's Ransom Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I get to the Training Ground and what do I do there?

A: Head to the top floor of Camelot Castle and speak to the Squire. He will explain the fighting. You may not use prayer, range or magic. Enter the room and you will fight 8 level 110+ knights of the round table.

Q: Will I lose my items if I die within the Training Grounds?

A: No.

Knight Wave Training Ground

This mini-quest is accessible after the completion of King’s Ransom quest. The start point is in the southwest part of Camelot Castle (Map).

Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Inventory and Equipment for King's Ransom Mini-Quest

Completed King's Ransom Quest.
Recommended: 90+ Combat, good armour, sharks, super potions including super restores.


Your Inventory should look something like the image below. You can change the lobsters out for more super sets or sharks which are recommended.

Your armour should look like this with maybe a few differences. Guthans is ideal as you don't need as much food using it.

The fights:

First you must talk to the Squire (Picture). He will explain the rules: You cannot use range, magic, or prayer, only melee. There are eight knights that you will have to face each getting stronger as you progress. If you die, you will not lose anything and simply be sent outside the arena.

To begin the fights simply enter the arena. Here you must kill eight knights: Sir Bedivere (Level 110), Sir Pellas (Level 112), Sir Tristam (Level 115), Sir Palomedos (Level 118), Sir Lucan (Level 120), Sir Gawain (Level 122), Sir Kay (Level 124), and Sir Lancelot (Level 127). Every time Sir Kay hits you you lose 5 defence levels temporarily so use your potions.

Rewards: 20,000 Attack, Strength, Defence, and Hitpoints XP
Access to two new prayers:

Chivalry (60 Prayer to Use): Adds +20% to your Defence, +18% to your Strength and +15% to your Attack.
Piety (70 Prayer to Use): Adds +25% to your Defence, +23% to your Strength and +20% to your Attack.

Author: Kod Flame

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