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Picture of Killerwatt
Nature:Not Aggressive
Attack Style:Range and Melee
Examine:A ball of electrical energy

Kills per min:Average Combat XP per hour:
Average HP XP per hour:

Where Found:The Draynor Manor, top floor.
Drops:Ashes (100%), Coins (11-200), Air runes (5-17), Fire runes (18-45), Steam runes (2), Chaos runes, Death runes, Nature runes, Herbs, Fire battlestaff, Cannonballs (3), Staff of fire, Staff of Air, Fire orb (2), Soda ash (3-4), Mystic fire staff, Uncut gems
Top Drops:Air battlestaff, Half of a key, Shield left half
Tactic:Decent food and prayer level.
Notes:You must have level 37 Slayer and be wearing Insulated boots to kill this monster. The Edgeville dungeon master generally assigns Killerwatts.

Credits:Marck; Darkorc2323
Last Modified:Monday March 17th, 2014

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