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Earth warrior
Picture of Earth warrior
Max Hit:8
Attack Style:Melee
Examine:A strange inhuman elemental warrior.

Kills per min:Average Combat XP per hour:
Average HP XP per hour:

Where Found:Edgeville dungeon, level 7 wilderness
Drops:Coins (12), Earth runes (12, 60), Law runes (2), Nature runes (3), Chaos runes (3), Death runes (2), Jangerberry seed, Herb seeds, Herbs, Staff of earth, Steel spear, Uncut gems, Half of a key, Shield left half, Blood runes (2), Chaos Talisman, Ranarr seed
Top Drops:Looting Bag
Tactic:Although the Earth warriors are in the Wilderness, they are an ideal location to train at because they continuously attack you for 10 minutes. This appeals to players because they are enabled to train without continuous clicking. Once they become unaggressive, just climb across the monkey bars and back again, then they will continue to attack you again. Be sure to watch out for PKers while training here though.
Notes:You will be open to PKers while training here. Don't bring anything too expensive, and be aware of the people around you. They give 54 Slayer XP per kill. According to Mazchna and Vannaka, the Canafis slayer master, blunt weapons are the weapon of choice to kill these.

Credits:StephenDA18; Sir_M1xal0t; Darkorc2323; Matt Matt
Last Modified:Wednesday September 9th, 2015

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