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Table of Contents

1.0 - Introduction

In any online game where there is player interaction, there will always be people trying to take advantage of others in various ways. Some of these ways may include trying various tactics to steal passwords, taking items from other players in a manner not agreed upon, or being verbally abusive. In June 2004, RuneScape created a way to help take care of some of the problems which were occurring.

2.0 - What is a Player Moderator?

What was the way to help take care of these problems? Player Moderators. A player moderator (usually called PMod or player mod) is a regular player of RuneScape who has the ability to send priority abuse reports and if the abusive player is being particularly bad, the player mod has the ability to mute the player temporarily. Jagex does check all reports that player mods send in to make sure player mods are not abusing their powers.

3.0 - Who is a Player Moderator?

How can you tell a player mod apart from another player? The player mod has a small silver crown next to their name. This crown was put in to make sure that it would be impossible to have a player impersonate a player mod since they would not have the crown. Jagex staff have a similar feature to differentiate themselves from normal players. Jagex staff have a gold crown next to their name. Player mods are not Jagex staff since they have different crowns. The crown appears in private messages and in the normal text area below the main game play screen.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Player Mod PMing You
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Player Mod Talking in the Chat Box
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Jagex Mod Talking

4.0 - Choosing Player Moderators

How Jagex chooses player mods is rather obscure. They say on the official site that they do not pick those who ask customer support to become player mods. The only real hints they give on who they pick, are people who are nice honest players, who report abuse they see, using the report abuse button but not abusing the report abuse button. They also say that posting helpful posts on the official forum might help the powers that be choose you. If you are invited by Jagex to become a player mod, you will have a message in your message center (on Jagex will NOT email you or ask you in game to become a player mod.

5.0 - Common Myths About Player Moderators
Player Mods are Jagex staff.

See below to Are Player Mods Jagex Staff?

Player Mods have to be a high level.

No, a player mod can be any level.

Player Mods can ban people.

No, player mods can only mute people temporarily if they feel the abuse they are witnessing is particularly bad.

Player Mods can get a JMod to help you.

No, player mods cannot have a Jagex Mod to come and help you. You will have to contact Jagex through customer support.

6.0 - Frequently Asked Questions
How can I become a player mod?

See the above section on Choosing Player Mods.

What's that thing/crown next to a persons name?

The crown/thing next to someone's name is proof that the person is a player mod or Jagex mod

Are player mods Jagex staff?

No, player mods are not Jagex staff. Jagex staff get paid, player mods are normal players volunteering to help report abuse.

Do you get paid for modding?

No, player mods do not get paid for modding.

Why don't they give you free p2p?

Because they can not.

Can player mods help me get my character back?

No, only customer support can help you in getting lost characters back.

Can player mods make normal people mods?

No, that power lies with Jagex staff only.

See for more information about player mods in the frequently asked questions and rules and security section.

Author: Myst

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