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Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Armour Trimmer
Table of Contents

1.0 - Introduction

In RuneScape, there are some people who seem to enjoy being cruel and trying ways to earn money without doing any work that other RuneScape players do. These people attempt to steal your items, money or character through trickery. Please note, this guide is not a guideline on how to scam, it is intended as a resource to figure out if someone is trying to scam you or those around you.

2.0 - Item Scamming

One type of scamming on RuneScape is called, "item scamming." Item scamming is when one player tries to take away another members item, by pretending to put up an amount of money for an item that is reasonable then changing it later to a lot less, or by saying you'll do something for someone then take their item. This part of the guide will tell you of most of the kinds of item scams, and tips on not falling for them.

2.1 - Armour Trimming

There was an update to members called treasure trails where you would follow a set of clues to a treasure. One of the rewards of completing a treasure trail is trimmed armour. This is the ONLY way to get trimmed armour, you cannot trim your own armour, and no one else can either, it is impossible. The scam that came out of this though, was people offering to trim your armour so you did not have to pay the large prices that trimmed armours cost. See Ben_Goten78's market price guide for prices on trimmed armours. The most common ways to tell if a person is trying to use this scam is they repeat what they're saying quite fast and will usually say something along the lines of:

  • "Free armour trimming!!!"
  • "Follow me for free armour trimming!!!"
  • "Armour trimming, only (insert small amount of gp like 100) gp!!!"
  • "Want me to trim your armour for you?"

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot Of An Armour Trimmer

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot Of An Armour Tinter

Armour trimmers just want to steal your armour, not trim it. Remember it is impossible to trim armour, so don't fall for this trick.

2.2 - Item Upgrading

Another similar concept to armour trimming that's been around longer, is armour upgrading. A person cannot 'upgrade' their armour or anyone else's armour unless they buy a better form of armour. Another very similar scam is armour enchanting. Armour cannot be enchanted.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot Of An Armour Colour Changer

2.3 - Gem Cutting Tips

Whenever someone is offering free gem cutting or smithing or another free service, be sure they can actually do what they claim they can before you trade them your raw materials. One thing you can do to bust these scammers and not fall for these tricks is to check their name on the high score list to make sure they can actually do what they say they will do for you. If they don't have the stats to do what you want them to do, then you know the person is trying to scam you, so don't fall for it.

2.4 - Computer Commands

One scam that some people try to trick users that are not familiar with computer shortcut commands. They tell you that if you drop your items, and then press alt + F4, your items will multiply. This is untrue as pressing Alt + F4 will close your RuneScape window, potentially giving the scammer time to pick up your items while you try to log back in. Ctrl + W also does the same thing that alt + F4 does, it closes your window and gives the scammer time to pick up your items. With Jagex's new keyboard shortcuts, pressing alt + F4 while playing the game will only take you to the equipment screen. However, pay attention to where your cursor is focused because alt + F4 and Ctrl + W still works if you are focused outside of the Java applet.

2.5 - Trust Test

Some people try to scam others by doing a 'trust test'. The basics of this is someone asks you if you want to be their friend or in their clan or something, but they need to know if they can trust you. What happens is, the person who is getting scammed is supposed to give the scammer valuable items to show you won't try to take advantage of the opportunity they're giving you. But they're the ones who are not to be trusted because they'll run off with your items.

Another scam similar to trust tests are 'contests' to see who has the best item. They do not have to hold your items to know if you have 'good' items or not. You can simply show them in a trade window then cancel the trade, so they can see what item you have.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot Of A Trust Test

2.6 - Tag Team Scamming

A tag team scam is where two people are working together to get a higher price than is reasonable for an item. How it works is a person offers a very low price for an item and has their partner offer a very high price for the item. This is to make people think that the item is worth more than it is and makes people think that the lower price for the item is a great deal, making them buy it. A good idea to make sure you're not falling for this scam is to check Ben_Goten78's market price guide, and see what it says the item they're selling is worth.

2.7 - Item Duplicating

Another common scam in RuneScape in relation to item scamming is item duping. This is where someone claims they can duplicate your items. There is no way to duplicate your items though, the people who claim to be able to dupe, just want to steal your items.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot Of An Item Doubler

2.8 - Trading Tips and Scams

Some people will try and trick the person they're trading by trading in notes where it can be difficult to tell what item it is. Certain items like rune can look like Mithril when noted. ALWAYS check the second trade screen where you can read what items you're receiving as opposed to seeing an image. Certain trimmed armours are very difficult to tell if they're trimmed when in notes so if you're trying to buy a trimmed armour, be sure the second trade screen has the appropriate trim type after the name like Adamant Legs(t). This has been much easier to detect however, because if someone changes the trade, flash red text will alert you.

2.9 - "Rare" Items

There are a lot of items that you don't see a lot of in RuneScape, so people can trick you into thinking they're rare, making you pay a lot for the item, but in fact, some of these items aren't actually rare. Here is a list of the most common items scammers say are "rare" items, but aren't rare items. You don't see them too often.

4-dose potions, Charcoal, Machetes, Crushed gemstone, Spinach roll, Elemental shields, Gnome ball, Pete's candlestick, Toy horseys, Shantay disclaimer, Half-pizzas, Coloured gloves, Gold nuggets, Black equipment, The Shield of Arrav (both halves), Eye patches, Lit arrows, Black staffs, Shade robes, Sliced bananas, Alcohols, SGG (Short-Green-Guy -Gnome Drink-), Snelms (Snail Helmets), Bark, Cleaning cloth, Flamtaer hammers, Limestone, Limestone bricks, Sulfur, Grog, Karamja rum, Vodka, Certain seeds, Farming equipment, Rock hammer(in relation to granite maul), Mage arena books (in relation to the Mage Training Arena Instruction manual), Leaf-Bladed Spear (in relation to Guthan's Spear), Paramaya Tickets, Granite blocks, Sandstone, Chocolate dust, Burnt bones.
These items are not rare and actually quite common to obtain. Many are quest items that after the quest are unneeded or thought of as 'useless'.

Many people will try to get you to buy useless items claiming they have use. It could be an item like 'the key to the Varrock bank vault' where there is no such thing or some sort of bones claiming they give more than the normal amount of prayer experience. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Do not buy a 'new' item just because it is new, especially those on f2p where new items are often accidentally released to f2p. Sometimes Jagex will let the free players keep the items, sometimes not.

2.10 - Dangerous Places and Monsters

Another way people scam other people is to trick people into following you into a area where it is dangerous for you but not for them. A common way people do this is to say 'follow me for X item' or 'there is x item in y location', and even sometimes will betray you by saying 'can you help me make a pk video.' Do not believe everything you hear about where you can find 'good' items on the ground or a certain price to help, it usually is a scam designed to kill you. They will usually tend to lead you into the wild and kill you and pick up your good items.

If a player sees you have a whip, they may try to get you to come into the wilderness for a PK video or something of the sort, then drop 4 dragon battle axes. They expect you to pick these up, and since they protect over a whip when you die, they kill you and get your whip. Sometimes they will use other items as well, such as Mystic Robe Tops.

There are Many dangerous places in RuneScape outside of the Wilderness, if someone requests for you to travel to someplace you have not been before check the location on Zybez to see if there is possible risk. Not all risks can be accounted for, and the game changes. Be cautious when traveling to unknown destinations.

Also be wary if someone asks you to help kill a monster with them. Some monsters can only be killed in a certain way and if you try to kill them as you would any other creature, the monster can hit you a lot harder and faster. Ogre Shamans are an example of a monster that can only be killed in a certain way which you learn about during the Watch Tower quest.

Sometimes people will tell you they are power leveling at the canoes north of Edgeville. It's not worth the risk, just stay out of the wilderness all together.

2.11 - Trust at Drop Parties

A common scam now is with drop parties at an individual's player owned house. When the victims drop their items within the owner's house, it would be very easy for that owner to boot all of the guests out and take the items that were dropped. When going to these drop parties, be positive that the person who is hosting the party can be trusted. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Another common drop party tactic is to lead the players into a dangerous area such as the wilderness or an area with aggressive high level monsters.

3.0 - Password ScammingZybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Password Scamming

There are ways people scam other players out of their passwords. This part of the guide will tell you how scammers try to get your password, so you don't fall for it.

Password scamming usually involves you telling the scammer your password which is one of the biggest no-no's in Jagex's book of being safe. Only YOU should know your password, not your parents, your siblings, or your friends.

3.1 - Changing Your Password

There are many forms of password scamming. Like these:

Did you know if you changed your pass to (insert word) log out then back in you'll get free (items or large amounts of gp)?
Giving away free memberships!
For free membership follow me!!!

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot Of A Membership Scammer

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot Of A Pass Scammer

3.2 - Jagex Staff Impersonation

Another unfortunate scam is where a player will say they work for Jagex and need to get onto your character for various reasons including 'checking to see if you have hacked others, having reports of you abusing bugs etc.'

Jagex will NEVER ask for your password, they do not have to go onto your character to see if you have broken rules etc, they have ways to check that behind the scenes. Also NEVER believe someone claiming to be Jagex staff unless they have a gold crown. It does not matter if their name is something like 'jgx st4ff' or 'rs admin', the only true Jagex staff have gold crowns beside their name and all start with Mod except for Andrew and Paul who are the founders of RuneScape and they both have the gold crown beside their name.

Occasionally mean people will try to threaten to do something to your account. They try to sound like Jagex staff but they aren't. They're just trying to scare you.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot Of A Jagex Staff Impersonator

3.3 - Fake E-Mails

Other forms of password scamming are emails sent to you. Jagex stopped sending out emails because of the number of scammers using it to their advantage. If you get an email stating anything about being 'official' from Jagex, do not believe it. Jagex doesn't send e-mails anymore just remember that.

Common reasons for these 'official' emails being sent range from you being chosen to be a player or forum mod, you having been selected to beta test something, or Jagex giving away 'free' items if you fill out certain details.

The ONLY emails related to RuneScape that are not likely a scam are if you have just subscribed for membership and are receipts from the payment company.

Also remember, Jagex will ONLY message you through their message center located on the website. If you see anything Jagex related on your personal email, deleted it immediately. Even opening it could leave your computer and RuneScape account in danger.

4.0 - Advertising

Many people will advertise messenger handles or websites. Many of these (especially when repeated quickly) are attempts to get you to download or accept a file transfer of a program that will record anything you type and send it to another user, so your passwords, your character name, any websites you visit, your school reports etc. Occasionally the file you receive is not a key logger but a virus, which is a bit different, but still not fun for the recipient.

5.0 - What Should I Do?

If you see anyone attempting one of these scams, report them under whatever category best fits what they're doing. Like if they're trying to trim armour, report them as item scamming, or if they're repeating a website address for whatever reason, report them for advertising.

You only need to report them once for the thing they did, more than one report only bogs Jagex down in repeated reports. Also do not encourage everyone around you to report them for the same thing. Again, it gives Jagex more reports about the same incidence where one report should be enough to show that the person is breaking rules.

You could also speak up and tell people in the surrounding area that X is a scam, or Y person is trying to scam, make people aware not to trust the person and/or what they're saying. Be careful if you speak up to 'bust' the person as they might try to harass you for making people aware that they are scamming.

I hope this guide has helped you, and will continue to help you avoid the Scammer of Runescape.

Author: Myst

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