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The Ancient Cavern is one of the most dangerous dungeons in all of RuneScape, all players that enter the area should be well prepared to face brutal green and mithril dragons, and other high level monsters that can attack in more than one way. The mithril ore is located on the upper level of the dungeon, where the mithril dragons are.

To access the dungeon you will need to have got to funeral pyre burning instructions with Otto Godblessed. You access the dungeon by jumping into the whirlpool off the jetty, at the edge of the lake on top of Baxtorian falls. If you need to escape the dungeon and have no teleport, the only way out is by canoeing on logs down an underground river out of the caves that takes you downstream.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Ancient Cavern Dungeon MapZybez RuneScape Help's Mithril Ore key
Mapped By: Robin105

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