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Rune scimitar
Picture of Rune scimitar
Examine:A vicious, curved sword.

Market Price:View latest buy/sell offers.
High Alchemy:15,360gp
Low Alchemy:10,240gp
Sell to General Store:10,240gp
Buy from General Store:15,000gp
Attack Bonuses
Stab: +7
Slash: +45
Crush: -2
Magic: +0
Range: +0
Defence Bonuses
Stab: +0
Slash: +1
Crush: +0
Magic: +0
Range: +0
Other Bonuses
Strength: +44
Ranged Strength: +
Prayer: +0
Obtained From:Players; Smithing; Monster drops.
Notes:Rune Scimitars require two runite bars, and level 90 smithing to make. They give 150 smithing experience when made. They require 40 attack to equip. Rune Scimitars are widely used in F2P as they are fast, and fairly powerful. These are dropped by Fire Giants (level-86).
Dropped By:Basilisk, Zamorak warrior, Fire giant, Greater demon, Aberrant spectre, Mummy, Ferocious barbarian spirit, Thermonuclear smoke devil, Chaos Elemental
Credits:Ben_Goten78; Damea; Flaming Arrow; Movula
Last Modified:Tuesday May 6th, 2014

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