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Team-24 cape
Picture of Team-24 cape
Examine:Ooohhh look at the pretty colours...

High Alchemy:30gp
Low Alchemy:20gp
Sell to General Store:20gp
Buy from General Store:0gp
Attack Bonuses
Stab: +00
Slash: +0
Crush: +0
Magic: +0
Range: +0
Defence Bonuses
Stab: +00
Slash: +1
Crush: +1
Magic: +0
Range: +2
Other Bonuses
Strength: +00
Ranged Strength: +
Prayer: +0
Obtained From:Darren in the Wilderness; Players
Notes:Team capes have a special advantage over regular capes. Anyone wearing the same cape as you, on the minimap is shown as a blue dot. Another feature of team capes is you cannot attack a fellow team mate unless you right click and specifically choose 'attack'. This makes these capes very useful for wilderness wars on member servers.
Credits:Ben_Goten78; Myst
Last Modified:Thursday June 14th, 2007

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