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Salve amulet
Picture of Salve amulet
Quest:Haunted Mine
Examine:Increases the wearer's strength and accuracy by 15% when fighting the undead.

High Alchemy:0gp
Low Alchemy:0gp
Obtained From: Reward from the Haunted Mine quest
Retrieval:Enter the lower mine shafts of the Haunted mine, chisel off another salve shard and string it using a ball of wool.
Quest Use:Not Applicable.
Notes:The Salve amulet increases your strength and attack by 15% when battling the undead. The effect can be increased by a further 5% if you use Tarn's Diary (the reward from the Lair of Tarn Razorlor miniquest) on a Salve amulet.

Credits: Ben_Goten78; Myst
Last Modified:Monday September 3rd, 2007

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