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The pyramid you first enter near the end of the Desert Treasure quest, is an ancient stone structure, home to one of RuneScape's Mahjarrat: Azzanadra. During the Desert Treasure quest, you unlock the pyramid with the four mysterious diamonds of Azzanadra. There are many traps located randomly within this pyramid, and when triggered, you may fall through a trapdoor, and fall to the outside of the pyramid. Every floor has Mummies (level-103) and poisonous Scarabs (level-92) scattered throughout. This pyramid is the only place where you can obtain a new ancient staff from a mummies drop. At very bottom of the pyramid, you will find Azzanadra's tomb. This tomb is home to the ancient magicks altar, which allows you to change to and from regular, to ancient magicks. For those who have completed the quest, there is a tunnel entrance on the southern side of the pyramid, that takes you straight to the altar.

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Mapped By: Ben_Goten78

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