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Welcome to the Zybez RuneScape Help Calculator area!
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To your left is a menu consisting of all the Runescape calculators we have to offer. The calculators operate in two different modes. The regular mode will give you information on achieving your goals; the reversed mode will tell you what level you will achieve with a certain amount of actions. You can switch modes as well as other things in the settings area.
In order to do the calculations you will need to input some information first. The information needed is as follows:

Goal Starting Level: This is the level your goal started at. It may be your current level, in which case you can select the "Use Current" option, or it may be any other value lower than the stage you are currently at. Keep in mind that it must be less than or equal to your current level. By default, this is set to level 1.

Current: This is where you input where you are currently at. You may enter in your current experience points or your current level. Please remember to use the selection boxes below this feature to indicate which type you are inputting. By default, this field is set to 0 XP.

Goal Target Level: This is the level you would like to achieve and is the ending point of your goal. Remember that it must always be greater than your current level. By default, this option is set to 1 level greater than your current level. Since the maximum level in RuneScape is level 99, your goal level cannot exceed that number. Please be aware of this.

You may also encounter skills that ask for extra information or give you other options. Most of these extra options are not mandatory, so if you are having trouble figuring them out, chances are you can just ignore them.

Other than skill calculators, Zybez Runescape Help also offers a Combat calculator to calculate in game combat levels based on certain skill stats. It is available just below the skill calculators on your left. The slayer calculator is also a bit different than the regular skill calculators.

We hope these aid you in your RuneScape game play! To begin select a calculator on your left.

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DISCLAIMER: The data displayed herein should not be regarded as 100% correct. There may be errors in the data, which will affect the output. If you encounter any errors in our calculators, do not hesitate to submit a correction here.