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Magic Runescape Skill Calculator
2007 RuneScape Skill Calculators Magic

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    Name Level XP Number
Wind strike(2)15.5
Lucky Lightning49
Water strike(4)57.5
Enchant level 1 jewelery717.5
Clear Mind717
Earth strike(6)99.5
Fire strike(8)1311.5
Earth's Fury1419
Bones to bananas1525
Wind bolt(9)1713.5
Low alchemy2131
Water bolt(10)2316.5
Sea Curse2429
Varrock teleport2535
Magical Poison2747
Enchant level 2 jewelery2737
Down to Earth2939
Earth bolt(11)2919.5
Lumbridge teleport3141
Telekinetic grab3343
Fire bolt(12)3522.5
Falador teleport3748
Crumble undead(15)3924.5
House Teleport4030
Wind blast(13)4125.5
Superheat item4353
Camelot teleport4555.5
Water blast(14)4728.5
Enchant level 3 jewelery4959
Blood Forfeit4959
Smoke rush5030
Iban blast(25)5030
Magic dart(19)5030
Ardougne teleport5161
Shadow rush5231
Earth blast(15)5331.5
Paddewwa teleport5464
High level alchemy5565
Blood rush5633
Charge water orb5666
Armour Piercing5767
Enchant level 4 jewelery5767
Watchtower teleport5868
Ice rush5834
Fire blast(16)5934.5
Senntisten teleport6070
Charge earth orb6070
Flames of zamorak(30)6035
Claws of guthix(30)6035
Saradomin strike(30)6035
Bones to Peaches6065
Trollheim teleport6168
Wind wave(17)6236
Smoke burst6236
Charge fire orb6373
Ape Atoll Teleport6474
Shadow burst6437
Bake Pie6560
Water wave(18)6537.5
Cure Plant6660
Kharyrll teleport6676
Charge air orb6676
Monster Examine6661
NPC Contact6763
Enchant level 5 jewelery6878
Cure Other6865
Dragon's breath6878
Blood burst6839
Moonclan Teleport6966
Earth wave(19)7040
Tele Group Moonclan7067
Ice burst7040
Hunter Kit7170
Cure Me7169
Waterbirth Teleport7271
Lassar teleport7282
Tele Group Waterbirth7372
Cure Group7474
Smoke blitz7442
Teleother lumbridge7484
Fire wave(20)7542.5
Stat Spy7576
Barbarian Teleport7576
Shadow blitz7643
Tele Group Barbarian7677
Superglass Make7778
Dareeyak teleport7888
Khazard Teleport7880
Tele Group Khazard7981
String Jewellery8083
Blood blitz8045
Stat Restore Pot Share8184
Ice blitz8246
Teleother falador8292
Magic Imbue8286
Fertile Soil8387
Carrallangar teleport8494
Boost Potion Share8488
Tele block8595
Fishing Guild Teleport8589
Tele Group Fishing Guild8690
Plank Make8690
Smoke barrage8648
Life Leech8797
Teleport Catherby8792
Enchant level-6 Jewelry8797.33
Shadow barrage8849
Tele Group Catherby8880
Teleport Ice Plateau8996
Tele Group Ice Plateau9099
Teleother camelot90100
Annakarl teleport90100
Energy Transfer91100
Blood barrage9251
Heal Other92101
Vengeance Other93108
Ice barrage9452
Heal Group95124
Ghorrock teleport96106
Spellbook Swap96130