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Hunter Runescape Skill Calculator
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    Name Level XP Number
Polar Kebbit130
Crimson Swift134
Common Kebbit336
Golden Warblers547.5
Feldip Weasel748
Copper Longtails961
Cerulean Twitches1164.5
Desert Devil1366
Ruby Harvest1524
Tropical Wagtail1995.5
Wild Kebbit23128
Sapphire Glacialis2534
Swamp Lizard29152
Spined Larupia31180
Barb-tailed Kebbit33168
Snowy Knight3544
Prickly Kebbit37204
Horned Graahk41240
Spotted Kebbit43105
Black Warlock4554
Orange Salamander47224
Razor-backed Kebbit49348
Sabre-toothed Kebbit51200
Sabre-toothed Kyatt55300
Dark Kebbit57132
Red Salamander59272
Carnivorous Chinchompa63265
Black Salamander67319.5
Dashing Kebbit69156
Black chinchompa73315