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Blades by Urbi 
Map of Blades by Urbi Location:Sophanem
Extra Notes:You can only gain access to this shop upon completion of the Contact! quest.

Item ASC DESC Price ASC DESC Default Stock ASC DESC
Pottery statuette 14gp 7
Bronze dagger 15gp 1
Stone scarab 22gp 43
Stone statuette 26gp 22
Bronze scimitar 48gp 1
Iron dagger 52gp 1
Iron scimitar 168gp 1
Steel dagger 187gp 0
Mithril dagger 487gp 1
Steel scimitar 600gp 1
Adamant dagger 1,200gp 1
Runite dagger 12,000gp 1
Dragon dagger 45,000gp 0

Credits: Lilac; Myst

Prices in game may vary based on item stock. Prices in this database only exist at default item stocks.

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