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Alice's Farming Shop 
Map of Alice's Farming Shop Location:Port Phasmatys, North West
Extra Notes:You must have completed the Priest in Peril quest to access this this shop.

Item ASC DESC Price ASC DESC Default Stock ASC DESC
Watermelon 48gp 0
Strawberry 17gp 0
Wildblood hops 15gp 0
Krandorian hops 10gp 0
Sweetcorn 9gp 0
Yanillian hops 7gp 0
Jute fibre 6gp 0
Asgarnian hops 5gp 0
Barley 4gp 0
Hammerstone hops 4gp 0
Tomato 4gp 0
Onion 3gp 0
Cabbage 1gp 0
Potato 1gp 0
Plant cure 40gp 100
Bucket of Compost 20gp 500
Gardening trowel 12gp 500
Watering can 8gp 500
Rake 6gp 500
Seed dibbler 6gp 500
Secateurs 5gp 500
Spade 3gp 500
Basket 1gp 500
Empty sack 1gp 500
Plant pot 1gp 500

Credits: Myst

Prices in game may vary based on item stock. Prices in this database only exist at default item stocks.

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