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- 2 Quest Points.
- 7,000 Agility XP, 6,000 Thieving XP, 2,000 Construction XP, Tome of Experience (3x 2,000 XP to any skill).

Start PointStart Point

Speak to Veliaf Hurtz in the Myreque hideout in Burgh de Rott

Members Only

Difficulty Rating: 3/5
Length Rating: 4/5


Skill: 5 Construction, 20 Mining, 22 Thieving, 26 Agility, 32 Crafting, 33 Magic, 40 Strength.
Quest: In Aid of the Myreque.
Item: Hammer, 8 Nails, 2 Planks, 1 Law Rune, 3 Air Runes, Knife.


Item: Ectophial, Energy Potions, Food, Full Prayer Points, No Armour, 2,000GP.

Fighting tooth and nail against the vampyre overlord, Drakan, the Myreque have moved their secret base camp to Burgh de Rott. Now the fight starts in earnest! Veliaf needs someone to make their way into the Sanguinesti region, the eastern side of Morytania cut off from the west behind an impenetrably huge wall.

"Will the fight be supported by Myreque resistance inside the vampyres' domain? What grim discoveries are to be found behind that dread wall? And what of the Vyrewatch - deadly sky-bound patrollers of the blood-tithed lands of Meiyerditch?

Only a daring, quick-witted agent with an eye for detail can hope to pick their way through the tumbled down slums of Meiyerditch.

Part 1:
Part title

Step 1
Talk to Veloaf.
Fix the boat and board it.
Climp the rocks, kick in the floor board, and climb down.
Whisper to the citizens.
Buy the Vyrewatch clothers (suggested).

Items needed: Hammer, 8 Nails, 2 Planks.

Make your way to Burgh de Rott and speak to Veliaf Hurtz in the basement of the inn (Picture). He will tell you that the next stage of the mission will involve the Sanquinesti region and that you will also be involved in a diplomatic mission to Misthalin to secure allies to fight against Draken. Your first task is to find a way into the Sanquinesti region, which is blocked by a high wall. )

Now head to the bank and pick up a hammer, 8 nails of any type, and 2 planks. Head south-east from the bank to a dock with a small damaged boat on it (Picture). Repair the boat then repair the boat slip-away. Use the planks and nails you took out of your bank. If you feel you are ready to head to Sanquinesti, board the boat and you will sail away to the Sanquinesti region (Picture).

You will arrive at the Sanquinesti wall (Picture). Jump onto nearby rock, then climb up the rocks there. Continue along until you reach a spot where it says the planks creak. Right click where it said that and you will be able to kick in the floor board, then climb down (Picture).

Speak to a few of the citizens and ask "(whisper) Do you know anything about the Myreque". Then ask what you can do for them. One of the citizens will tell you to speak to Old Man Ral. Old man Ral will be on a bottom floor of a house in sector one (Picture) just north of Trader Sven. It may be a good idea to buy the Vyrewatch clothes from Trader Sven because it reduces the Vyrewatch's tendency to demand a tithe from you (Picture); this costs about 1,950gp.

Step 2
Tell Old Man Ral that you were told he'd help you find the Myreque hideout.
Climb the ladder and jump the floorboards.
Climb under the wall and climb down the ladder.
Search the table and climb the shelves.

Speak to Old Man Ral and say that you have been told he can help you find the Myreque hideout. Continue the conversation and call him a sage. He will finally tell you the Myreque are hidden in sector 3 and to follow the symbols. Speak to him again and he will tell you the symbols to follow are the symbols of the Myreque. The symbol to follow is a silver sickle marking on the walls.

Walk south-west from Old Man Ral to the building with a ladder west of where you find Old Man Ral. When you climb up the stairs you will notice a gap to the south in between one building and the next. Right click on the opposite side of where you are and click "Jump Floorboards". Then do it again on the east side of the building you just jumped to. Now look at the north-east corner wall. Right click it and press "Push Wall". After you push it over click "Cross Wall" (Note: the wall you can push down is just one to the right of the sickle.

Head directly north and right click. You will be able to "Crawl Under" the gap between walls. Go north, and push a wall on the west side next to another symbol. Now you will be at a ladder. Climb down and you will be in a room with a locked door. Search the table to the west of the building and you will open a trapdoor. You will go under and appear in the building across from where you where at. Now right click and climb the shelves.

Part 2:
Part title

Step 3
Get the key (For more specific instructions, see right).
Fix the ladder.
Climb down.

Crawl under the wall to the east and you will be able to jump some floorboards. Now you will arrive at a ladder. Climb down and search the pots nearby. You will get a key, use it on the door next to the pots.

Continue eastward to the next room. You will find a ladder. Climb up it, there may be a Vyrewatch in the room. Jump the floorboards that you will notice to the south. After that walk east and south then you will find some shelves you can climb up. Look for another ladder and climb up then head south and jump some more floorboards. Climb the ladder here and head down then head east and walk across a washing line, then down the ladder. Push the wall to the north and then walk across. Climb up the shelves, then down the shelves on the other side of the room.

Jump the floorboard that are to your north. Then head north again and jump more floorboards. Continue walking north until you jump some floorboards to the east of the building. You'll notice the ladder is broken. Head up the ladder and search the wall. You will get the top part of a ladder. Head back down the ladder and use the ladder piece on the broken ladder. Now you can climb down the ladder and into the next sector.

Step 4
Climb northern ladder.
Follow steps to unlatch latch.
Press silver sickle to open trapdoor.
Talk to Vertida, then Veliaf, then Drezel.
Go downstairs and search bushes.
Talk to Drezel, then King Roald.
Get a free teleport back to Drezel, talk to him, then go back to Veliaf.

Walk a bit north into a building with a ladder and climb the ladder (Picture). You will notice a table with a knife; pick the knife up because you will need it. Go back down and open the west door, then go north-east to another building with a ladder and climb the ladder (Picture). Then jump floorboards to the east (Picture), and go back downstairs. you will be able to search a wall to the south. Use your knife on the wall to unlatch the latch (Picture). When you enter to the west of you on the north wall there is a silver sickle on the wall. Right click and press "Press". Move your cursor on the rug and you will be able to open the trap door. Open it then climb down.

Head north in the tunnel and you will find Vertida Sefalatis. He will give you a message that you need to deliver to Veliaf Hurtz. Go back to Veliaf and tell him you have a message from Vertida. He will tell you some bad news from paterdomus that you need to go investigate. Now go and speak with Drezel in the temple on the Salve river.

Partway through the conversation he will ask you to investigate the strange noises he is hearing around the temple. Exit the tunnel that Drezel is in, head west down the stairs. Search the bushes and you will enter a cutscene. Once the cutscene ends head back to Drezel to tell him what happened. He will give you teleport runes for Varrock if you need them. Now go talk to King Roald. When you start speaking with him you will enter a very long conversation with King Roald, his advisor, and yourself. Once you finish with the talking, ask the advisor for a free teleport back to Drezel. Speak with Drezel then make your way back to Veliaf.

Step 5
Talk to Veliaf, then Vertida.
Go speak to Salfaan (more specific directions to the right)
Sketch on the wall twice.
Turn on Protect from Melee.

Speak with Veliaf and he will send you to go talk to Vertida again. Make your way back same way as before (Step 4). Once you have spoken to Vertida again, he will tell you to go look for Salfaan. Speak with Vertida again and he will lead you to where you got off the boat at. Go up the rocks and follow the wall north. Go down the ladder then search the wall and it will unlock the barricade. Now walk through and continue north. At the next ladder, climb up and run north. Climb up the next ladder, walk a bit, then down the ladder at the opposite side of the roof. Then run north until you reach a large circle near the castle. You will see Salfaan on the platform.

Speak with Safalaan. He will ask you to complete his task of sketching the angles of the castle. He will give you 3 pieces of papyrus and a piece of charcoal. Follow the wall around the castle until you reach the north side. Stand on the silver sickle and use your charcoal on the Papyrus and you will sketch the north side. Now head back along the wall and sketch the west side of the wall. You will enter a cutsene showing a conversation of a few Vampyres. Head to the last silver sickle and sketch it. You will be attacked by Vanstrom Klause and you will fall after a few moments. I suggest you just turn on the protect from melee prayer. You cannot hurt him at all so don't try fighting. Just turn protect from melee prayer on and you will be fine.

Step 6
Make the last sketch, go back through sector 3.
Get key from painting and message from chimney.
Give Safalaan your findings.
Go through tapestry and door, then downstairs.
Take book back to Safalaan.
Take letter back to Veliaf Hurtz.

You will awaken and Sarius Guile will be speaking to you. She gives you cryptic instructions on how to find her message to Safalaan. Before you leave make sure you make the last sketch. Follow the wall back south and go through sector 3. Find the building with the knife on the table. Go the bottom floor of that house and use the knife on the painting.

Search the painting for a key. Now use the knife on the chimney to pull a tile loose and get a message. Return to the dungeon where you found Vertida and you will now find Safalaan is here also. Give Safalaan the sketches and the message. He will send you to find the lab that is mentioned in the message.

Go north into the town. Find a building with some fish displays and head north and a bit east until you find a room with an Ornate Tapestry. Use the knife on the tapestry and then right click to go through. Now use the key you got from the painting on the vampire statue. Go through the door that appears on the wall and head downstairs. You are in the lab referenced in the message. If you need telegrab runes search the rune case on the table. Telegrab the book and head back to Safalaan. He will give you a sealed letter and a shortcut key that will get you through the doors between the 3 sectors of the city.

Take the letter to Veliaf Hurtz to finish the quest.

Zybez RuneScape Help's Quest Scroll
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How do I easiest get from the city entrance to the Myreque hide-out in the city?

A: You need to get caught by a vyrewatch, then talk to a miner to get a pickaxe, then mine 15 ores in the mine and walk out of the mine. You will then be in level 3 of the city

Q: Can the vyrewatch be killed?

Currently they cannot, but the end of the quest implies that you might be able to kill them in the future.

Q: Can I be killed?

You will not die during any combat or falling down obstacles. When you want to die, you can have the vyrewatch tithe you frequently, and you will die. However it is highly unlikely!

Q: What happens when the Vyrewatch catches me?

You can choose to be taken to the mines, or you can offer a blood tithe (bite) for 6 or so damage, a third option is you can distract and evade the vyrewatch.

Author: Hemlock

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