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Abyssal demon
Picture of Abyssal demon
Max Hit:9
Nature:Not Aggressive
Attack Style:Magic and Melee
Examine:A denizen of the Abyss!

Kills per min:Average Combat XP per hour:
Average HP XP per hour:

Where Found:Slayer Tower, north of Canifis; Fairy ring (ALR)
Drops:Ashes (100%), Adamant bar, Uncut gems, Herbs, Black axe, Coins, Adamant javelin (20), Black sword, Rune javelin (5), Steel battle, Mithril kiteshield, Air runes (50), Blood runes (7), Death runes (45), Law runes (3, 45), Nature runes (67), Rune arrows (42), Steel arrows (150), Chaos talisman, Cosmic talisman, Defence potion (3), Lobster, Pure essence (60), Silver ore (100), Chaos runes (10)
Top Drops:Abyssal whip, Dragon spear, Rune battleaxe, Rune 2h sword, Rune spear, Dragon med helm, Rune chainbody, Rune kiteshield, Rune med helm, Rune sq shield, Dragonstone, Shield left half, Half of a key, Runite bar, Clue scroll (level-3), Abyssal demon head
Tactic:These will teleport you around the Abyssal Demon room, so it is a good idea to ensure that you have auto-retaliate set to 'on' so you can get back to them easier.
Notes:Level 85 slayer is required to kill these.

Credits:Ben_Goten78; Refind; Damea; P Killer2K
Last Modified:Tuesday August 7th, 2007

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