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Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of Mudskipper Hat and Flippers
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To be able to slay mogres, you need to complete this miniquest. Just on the southern edge of Rimmington is an old fisherman who has become rather drunk but has an interesting tale to tell. You will need to get him sobered up to hear the story though.


Items Required
  • Bucket of Water
  • 2 gp
  • Nettle Tea
  • Bucket of Milk
  • Chocolate Dust
  • Snape Grass
Skill Recommendations
  • None

Item Recommendations
  • Dramen/Lunar Staff

Skippy's Story

Zybez RuneScape Help's Image of Skippy 1) Go find Skippy just southeast of Rimmington by the willow trees and talk to him. He will not make much sense though because he is drunk.

2) If you have your bucket of water in your inventory, right click on Skippy and choose the option 'Sober Up'.
If you have not yet gotten a bucket of water, buy a bucket from the General Store in Rimmington or get a bucket from the Leprechaun by the bush patch in Rimmington and fill it at the well.

3) Once Skippy is sober, he will ask you for a cup of warm nettle tea. Use the cup of nettle tea on him.
If you do not have a cup of nettle tea ready, you will need to prepare a cup for him. Check out the cooking guide for instructions on how to prepare it.

4) Once Skippy has drunk his tea, he will comment to you that he has a hangover. You will need to make him a hangover cure. Use your bucket of milk with the chocolate dust, then use the chocolatey milk with the snape grass. Talk to Skippy and he will accept the hangover cure.

5) Now that Skippy is sober and can think, he will tell you a story which is the reason he retired from fishing and moved to Rimmington. He had been fishing at the Mudskipper point by throwing fishing explosives into the water and a Mogre had attacked him. He explains that a mogre is a type of ogre that lives underwater and wears the skins of mudskippers.

Congratulations, you've completed the Mogre Miniquest and are now able to kill mogres.

Other Information
Zybez RuneScape Help's Screenshot of a Mogre

The easiest way to get to mogres is to use the fairy rings as there is a fairy ring on the Mudskipper Point (Map), next to the tree. The fairy ring code is AIQ. This is also convenient because if you run out of fishing explosives, there is a slayer master in the Lost City you can get more from, this is also the fastest banking method. If you do not have access to fairy rings, the best bank for you to use is the bank at the Void Knights Outpost.

Mogres are level 60 and have 48 hitpoints, you must also have level 32 slayer to attack the mogre. To be able to attack a mogre, you must throw a fishing explosive into the ominous fishing spot from a few steps away from the fishing spot. There are two ominous fishing spots you can use. One is on the east side of the point, the other is on the south side of the point. The east spot is recommended to kill them from, as you don't have to move about as much as the south spot does.

Mogres do not drop anything too special, but they do drop some low to mid level herb seeds, and occasionally strawberry or watermelon seeds. They also drop a lot of raw fish from sardine up through shark. Mogres will always drop big bones and they have two unique drops which are untradeable wearable items; Mudskipper hat and flippers.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Where is Mudskipper Point?

A: Mudskipper Point is located south of Port Sarim by the entrance to the Ice Caves.

Q: What are the stats of the mudskipper hat and flippers?

A: The mudskipper flippers give a +1 defence bonus to slash and crush, they also give -2 to stab, slash and crush attack. The mudskipper hat gives no stat bonuses.

Q: Are there any other items of mudskipper clothing besides the hat and flippers?

A: No, the only mudskipper items one can get are the hat and flippers.

Author: Myst, TheCaptain

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