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Runescape Monster Database
» 2007 RuneScape Monsters and NPC Database

This massive database contains tonnes of information and tips on Runescape's monsters and other NPCs (Non Playing Characters).

» Combat levels, HP and max hits
» Which quest a monster was created for
» Top drop and other drop lists
» Tactics and recommendations for training
» A javascript tool to calculate your approx. XP per hour
» ... and loads more!

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PictureName Sort by: Name, Ascending Sort by: Name, DescendingMembers Sort by: Members, Ascending Sort by: Members, DescendingCombat Sort by: Combat, Ascending Sort by: Combat, DescendingHP Sort by: Quest, Ascending Sort by: Quest, DescendingLocation
Skeletal wyvern Yes140204Dungeon south of Port Sarim
Skeleton No4559Karamja Volcano dungeon; Edgeville dungeon, level 5 Wilderness; Temple...
Soldier Yes2822Yanille
Splatter Yes6460Pest control
Stick Yes104140Death Plateau
Summoned zombie Yes1322Necromancer's Tower
Tortoise Yes9298North of the swamp in the Gnome stronghold.
Turoth Yes8374Slayer Dungeon, east of Fremennik
Turoth Yes8577Slayer Dungeon, east of Fremennik
Turoth Yes8780Slayer Dungeon, east of Fremennik
Turoth Yes8981Slayer Dungeon, east of Fremennik
Tyras guard Yes110112Tyras camp, Isafdar
TzHaar-Ket Yes149140TzHaar City
TzHaar-Mej Yes103100TzHaar City
Wall beast Yes49105Lumbridge caves
Wallasalki Yes98127Waterbirth island dungeon
Warped Terrorbird Yes8187Path of Glouphrie Slayer dungeon
Warped Tortoise Yes9687Path of Glouphrie Slayer dungeon
Werewolf Yes88100Canifis
Zamorak wizard Yes6580Clue locations.
Zombie No3030Stronghold of Security level 2

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