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Runescape Monster Database
» 2007 RuneScape Monsters and NPC Database

This massive database contains tonnes of information and tips on Runescape's monsters and other NPCs (Non Playing Characters).

» Combat levels, HP and max hits
» Which quest a monster was created for
» Top drop and other drop lists
» Tactics and recommendations for training
» A javascript tool to calculate your approx. XP per hour
» ... and loads more!

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Ghoul champion Yes851Champion Guild
Kalphite soldier Yes8590Kalphite lair, dungeon southwest of Shantay Pass
Skeleton No8578Fourth level of the Stronghold of Security.
Turoth Yes8577Slayer Dungeon, east of Fremennik
Ankou No8670Stronghold of Security fourth level, Barbarian Village
Fire giant Yes86111Waterfall Dungeon, Smoke Dungeon, Gnome Stronghold Slayer Cave, Brimha...
Monkey archer Yes8650Ape Atoll
Zygomite Yes8675The lost city of Zanaris, east of the Cosmic altar
Jubster Yes8760Tower of Life, south of Ardougne
Sea Troll Yes871
Turoth Yes8780Slayer Dungeon, east of Fremennik
Dagannoth Yes8885Waterbirth island dungeon
Dire wolf Yes8886Arandar
Werewolf Yes88100Canifis
Kalrag Yes8978Underground Pass
Turoth Yes8981Slayer Dungeon, east of Fremennik
Evil Chicken No891Random Event
Dagannoth Yes9097Waterbirth island dungeon
Elf warrior Yes90107Elf Camp; Lletya
Jungle Savage Yes9090Kharazi Jungle
Sea snake young Yes9086Miscellania Dungeon
Tok-Xil Yes9040Fight Caves, TzHaar
Doomion Yes9190Underground Pass.
Holthion Yes9190Underground Pass
Kraka Yes91120Death Plateau

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