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Runescape Monster Database
» 2007 RuneScape Monsters and NPC Database

This massive database contains tonnes of information and tips on Runescape's monsters and other NPCs (Non Playing Characters).

» Combat levels, HP and max hits
» Which quest a monster was created for
» Top drop and other drop lists
» Tactics and recommendations for training
» A javascript tool to calculate your approx. XP per hour
» ... and loads more!

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PictureName Sort by: Name, Ascending Sort by: Name, DescendingMembers Sort by: Members, Ascending Sort by: Members, DescendingCombat Sort by: Combat, Ascending Sort by: Combat, DescendingHP Sort by: Quest, Ascending Sort by: Quest, DescendingLocation
Black Heather No3438Bandit camp, level 19-23 wilderness northwest of Edgeville
Black knight No3342Black Knight Fortress, west of Barbarian Village; North of Varrock (1)...
Catablepon No4940Stronghold of Security third level, Barbarian Village
Chaos dwarf No4862West of Hobgoblin mine (level 33 wilderness); Stone area southeast of ...
Count Draynor No3442Draynor manor basement, north of Draynor Village
Deadly red spider No3435Karamja volcano; Varrock sewers; Edgeville dungeon, wilderness area; R...
Delrith No277Stone Circle, south of Varrock
Donny the Lad No3437Bandit camp, level 19-23 wilderness northwest of Edgeville
Flesh crawler No2825Stronghold of Security second level, Barbarian Village
Flesh crawler No3525Stronghold of Security second level, Barbarian Village
Flesh crawler No4125Stronghold of Security second level, Barbarian Village
Giant rat No2625Stronghold of Security second level, Barbarian Village
Giant spider No2733Spider hill, level 40 wilderness; Level 46 Wildnerness (Sapphire respa...
Giant spider No5050Stronghold of Security second level, Barbarian Village
Gunthor the brave No2935Barbarian Village pub
Hill giant No2835Edgeville dungeon, Taverley dungeon, Wilderness, Fishing colony, South...
Hobgoblin No2839Ice caves (3), south of Port Sarim; Hobgoblin mine (22), level 33 wild...
Hobgoblin No4249Ice caves, south of Port Sarim; Edgeville Dungeon; Rellekka, near the ...
Jail guard No2633Guarding the Jail just east of Draynor Village
King scorpion No3230Dwarven mines, outside miners' guild (2-4); Lava maze, wilderness (2-3...
Melzar the Mad No4344Melzar's Maze, northwest of Rimmington
Minotaur No2722Stronghold of Security first level, Barbarian Village
Moss giant No4260Varrock sewers (3-4); Crandor isle (4); level 34 Wilderness (4-5), nor...
Outlaw No3220West of Varrock
Pirate No2623Ice Dungeon (south of Port Sarim), Pirate Hut (west of Mage Arena in d...

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