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Ferocious barbarian spirit
Picture of Ferocious barbarian spirit
Attack Style:Melee
Examine:He looks a tad upset.

Kills per min:Average Combat XP per hour:
Average HP XP per hour:

Where Found:South of Barbarian Assault mini-game by lighting a funeral pyre
Drops:Rune mace, Adamant mace, Adamant Knifes (30), Rune battleaxe, Potion mixes, Raw sharks, Rune scimitar, Steel hasta
Tactic:Turn on protect melee and finish it off. Try to have a prayer pot or two, just in case you take a while killing it. They are also weak against magic attacks.
Notes:This monster attacks you when you have any type of log in your inventory, with mangled bones, and click on the "Build pyre" spot along the edge of the lake in front of Otto the barbarian's hut.

Last Modified:Sunday September 9th, 2007

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