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Dagannoth rex
Picture of Dagannoth rex
Max Hit:26
Attack Style:Melee
Examine:Firstborn of the legendary dagannoth kings.

Kills per min:Average Combat XP per hour:
Average HP XP per hour:

Where Found:Waterbirth island dungeon
Drops:Dagannoth bones, Dagannoth hides, Runite bar, Rune axe, Rune sq shield, Rune 2h sword, Rune arrows (42), Adamant axe, noted Silver ores (100), Steel bar (12-29), Rock-shell platebody, Rock-shell platelegs, Uncut gems, Dragonstone, Adamant bar, Half of a key, Mithril warhammer, Mithril 2h sword, Mithril pickaxe, Coins (211-3000), Ring of life, Herbs, Earth talisman, Mind talisman, Nature talisman, Zamorak brew(2), Saradomin brew(2), Super strength potion(2), Super attack potion(2), Prayer potion(2), Restore potion(2), Swordfish (5), Bass (5), Shark (5), Steel kiteshield, Nature runes (67), Law runes (45), noted Mithril ore (25), noted Coal (100), noted Iron ore (150)
Top Drops:Clue scroll (level-3), Dragon med helm, Shield left half, Dragon axe, Berserker ring, Warrior ring, Pet dagannoth rex
Tactic:Dagannoth Rex cannot be hit by melee or range, so mage him from the edge of the moat. Rex likes to move around a lot, and his huge tail will swipe out at you and deal up to 26 damage if you get too close. Also, when he swipes, damage will be dealt to multiple players if you're standing together, so spread out if your there with a team. If you see Rex coming for you, break off the attack, get back and wait for him to attack someone else, and then recommence attacking.

You can solo kill or dual kill the Rex by bringing a high level spell such as Fire wave, Magic dart, or an ice spell and maging Rex from the Southeast corner of the island next to the seaweed. Be sure to bring plenty of prayer potions, food, and a teleport out. Bring Guthan armor if you can afford it for its healing properties.
Notes:Be careful in the lair, as the other two kings can hurt you if you are not using their specific protection prayer.

Credits:Ben_Goten78; StephenDA18; Cyrax; Darkorc2323; michili3
Last Modified:Sunday September 14th, 2014

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