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Picture of Ankou
Attack Style:Melee
Examine:A boney ghost

Kills per min:Average Combat XP per hour:
Average HP XP per hour:

Where Found:Stronghold of Security fourth level, Barbarian Village
Drops:Skull left half, Coins, Bones, Death runes (10), Law runes (2), Adamant arrows, noted Mithril ores (4-7), Black robe, Uncut gems, Blood runes (5-11), noted Pure essence (15), Black knife, Herbs, Weapon poison, Fried mushrooms, Bass, Nature talisman, Watermelon seeds, Clue scroll (level-3), Herb seed
Top Drops:Shield left half
Tactic:These ethereal beings are very powerful, so meleeing them is not advised. There are a few safe spots in their lair however, where you can freely range or mage them without being attacked. It is recommend that you have a combat level of 65 before you start training on Ankou's.
Notes:These are the final beings you must pass on your way through the Stronghold of Security Mini Game.

Last Modified:Thursday September 25th, 2014

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