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Abyssal walker
Picture of Abyssal walker
Attack Style:Melee
Examine:Apparently walks the abyss.

Kills per min:Average Combat XP per hour:
Average HP XP per hour:

Where Found:Abyss, north of Edgeville; Fairy ring (ALR)
Drops:Ashes, Air talisman, Fire talisman, Water talisman, Earth talisman, Body talisman, Mind talisman, Cosmic talisman, Chaos talisman, Nature talisman, Elemental talisman, Clue scroll (level-2), noted Pure essence (1-15), pouches, Binding necklace, Pure essence
Tactic:These can hit high and fast, try staying away from these if possible and kill the lower level monsters.
Notes:All size pouches are dropped even if you don't have the required Runecrafting level.

Credits:Jdudley8; Ben_Goten78; Pure Staker
Last Modified:Tuesday August 28th, 2007

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