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Half of a key
Picture of Half of a key
Examine:The tooth end of the mysterious Crystal Key. Can you find the other half?

Market Price:View latest buy/sell offers.
Sell to General Store:0gp
Buy from General Store:0gp
High Alchemy:1gp
Low Alchemy:0gp

Obtained From: Monster drop; Casket; Mysterious old man; Barrows mini game; Players; Gnome food delivery mini game; Implings
Notes:Use with Half of a Key (loop) to make a Crystal key, which opens the Dragonstone chest in Taverly.
Dropped By:Dragon impling, Crawling hand, Minotaur, Rock crab, Chaos druid, Banshee, Cave slime, Lizard, Hill giant, Hobgoblin, Flesh crawler, Kalphite worker, Rockslug, Black knight, Air elemental ... more »
Credits: Ben_Goten78; Lord V Unit; Dark_Claw
Last Modified:Thursday August 23rd, 2007

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