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Steel arrow
Picture of Steel arrow
Examine:Arrows with steel heads.

Market Price:View latest buy/sell offers.
Sell to General Store:5gp
Buy from General Store:15gp
High Alchemy:7gp
Low Alchemy:5gp

Obtained From: Archery stores; NPC drops; Players; Smithing
Notes:Steel arrows are the mid-low range arrow type for free players. Level 30 fletching is required to make these arrows. An oak bow or higher must be used with these arrows. Steel arrows are dropped by Moss giants, Dagannoth, Zombies, et al. Fletching these yields 6.33 experience per arrow.
Dropped By:H.A.M. guard, Zombie, Guard, Boris, Tower guard, Soldier, Archer, Moss giant, Dagannoth, Tortoise, Mammoth, Zamorak ranger, Wallasalki, Giant frog, Abyssal demon ... more »
Credits: Ben_Goten78; Molson
Last Modified:Tuesday September 4th, 2007

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