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Kalphite princess
Picture of Kalphite princess
Examine:Suggests there's a king nearby.

High Alchemy:0gp
Low Alchemy:0gp

Obtained From: Kalphite Queen
Notes:The Kalphite princess is a very rare drop from the Kalphite queen. When received as a drop it will automatically follow you, if you already have a follower out, it will go into your inventory. If it can do neither, you will not receive the drop. Upon death it will wander around for a short while until it disappears entirely. You can insure the pet from Probita for 500,000gp, if lost it will cost 1,000,000gp to get it back. You can right click "Metamorphosis" to change it's form.
Dropped By:Kalphite queen
Credits: Jacko
Last Modified:Sunday September 14th, 2014

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