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Blessed dragonhide chest (z)
Picture of Blessed dragonhide chest (z)
Examine:Zamorak blessed dragonhide chest.

Market Price:View latest buy/sell offers.
High Alchemy:0gp
Low Alchemy:0gp
Sell to General Store:0gp
Buy from General Store:0gp
Attack Bonuses
Stab: +0
Slash: +0
Crush: +0
Magic: -15
Range: +30
Defence Bonuses
Stab: +55
Slash: +47
Crush: +60
Magic: +50
Range: +55
Other Bonuses
Strength: +0
Ranged Strength: +0
Prayer: +1
Obtained From:Treasure Trails; Players
Notes:This blessed dragonhide chest is akin to black dragonhide in attack and defense bonuses, and relates to the Runescape god, Zamorak. This requires level 70 ranged and 40 defence to wear.
Credits:Flaming Arrow
Last Modified:Tuesday May 6th, 2014

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