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Dagannoth hide
Picture of Dagannoth hide
Examine:A sturdy piece of dagannoth hide.

Market Price:View latest buy/sell offers.
Sell to General Store:0gp
Buy from General Store:0gp
High Alchemy:36gp
Low Alchemy:24gp

Obtained From: Dagannoth, Waterbirth Island
Notes:These are a drop from Dagannoths which are on Waterbirth Island. They are used to make Rock-shell, Skeletal, and Spined armor. For more information please visit our Waterbirth Island guide.
Dropped By:Dagannoth, Dagannoth supreme, Dagannoth prime, Dagannoth rex
Credits: Ben_Goten78; Lord V Unit; Zug313
Last Modified:Friday April 13th, 2007

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