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Fremennik shield
Picture of Fremennik shield
Examine:A shield worn by Fremennik warriors.

High Alchemy:300gp
Low Alchemy:200gp
Attack Bonuses
Stab: +00
Slash: +0
Crush: +0
Magic: -8
Range: -2
Defence Bonuses
Stab: +27
Slash: +31
Crush: +29
Magic: -1
Range: +29
Other Bonuses
Strength: +00
Ranged Strength: +
Prayer: +0
Obtained From:Monster Drops; Players
Notes:This shield is untradeable and only has the stats of an adamant kiteshield, so unless you are going for the look of it when worn, it is not worth the effort of obtaining. Crafting requires level 56 and yields 34 experience.
Dropped By:Pontak, Freidir, Warrior, Freygerd, Inga, Borrokar, Lanzig, Market guard, Dagannoth, Dagannoth supreme
Credits:Ben_Goten78; Lord V Unit; Myst
Last Modified:Friday August 24th, 2007

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