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Fremennik helm
Picture of Fremennik helm
Quest:Fremennik Trials, The
Examine:A sturdy helm worn only by Fremennik clan members.

High Alchemy:3000gp
Low Alchemy:2000gp
Attack Bonuses
Stab: +00
Slash: +0
Crush: +0
Magic: -6
Range: -2
Defence Bonuses
Stab: +19
Slash: +21
Crush: +16
Magic: -1
Range: +19
Other Bonuses
Strength: +00
Ranged Strength: +
Prayer: +0
Obtained From:Dropped by dagannoths, Fremennik market guards, and Fremennik warriors
Notes:To get these you will need to kill the monsters listed above after completing the Fremennik Trials quest. This is an uncommon drop from all of them.
Dropped By:Warrior, Freygerd, Inga, Lanzig, Borrokar, Market guard, Pontak, Freidir, Dagannoth
Credits:Ben_Goten78; Lord V Unit; Zug313; No Mercy Kid
Last Modified:Thursday June 14th, 2007

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